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Misterious and inconceivable Russian women character

beautiful russian woman

beautiful russian woman looking marriage

The short international research about the Russian women shows intersting results among the men and women all over the world.
What do women think about Russian women? Research is not big and include the views of American, Canadian, Danish women, and women from Malta.

All women agree with the fact that Russian brides serious competitors in a world marriage market, that pose a real threat to the local women. 25 % participants of research accused Russians of immoral behavior: the lack of principles, in easy reach. However, woman all the world note the beauty of Russian women (38%): “The women are so beautiful; returning home immediately notice the difference”, or “Men also came under Russian spell”. One of the most discussed topics is a passivity of Russian woman: “Why Russian women are so passive?”. American and Canadian urge Russians to the activity, ambition, aggressive type of behavior. But the non-aggressive behavior of Russian women allows them to be “excellent wives” for men which tired of the emancipation. Is this good? The issue is so difficult, that there is no the answer.

Men about Russian women. In general, 25% of men note the most significant characteristic of Russian woman – their external beauty. For example, “Russian women do not even just beautiful, they are incredibly beautiful, so beautiful that difficult to explain the words”, “I often go to Europe, saw a lot of pretty women, but now I understand that such stunningly charming and feminine, there are only in Russia”. Beauty is revealed through charm, fascination, sexuality, sophistication, elegance, etc. Very important is femininity (“They’re more feminine. Russian women kept more feminine than the Swiss”). It is noted that Russian women are well-groomed, have the sense of taste, allowing them to look good. Often referred to beautiful eyes, in many different contexts.

Oneness of Russian women noted 13% of men. They believe that Russian girls are mysterious, unlike the other women, better than others: “Contemporary Russian women, the most incomprehensible way, can combine the Slavic mystery and European sophistication”, “I do not know, of course, why are they such, why are they so attractive”.

Dating pretty russian woman

Dating pretty russian woman

Men pick out that quality of Russian women, as emancipation – 9%: “Lovely, touching, sacrificial creations” are became to very energetic, business and militancy, rigidly repressive the attacks on their rights”. The independence of the Russian women, their insubordination to traditional social, behavioral and sexually norms are also unique traits . Although, emansipation is not a dominant in behavior. For example, “The common view of Western men: Russian women are kinder, more caring, and they are good wives”; “Russian women for me are the women who devote themselves entirely to their men – fathers, sons, and most of all, their husbands and lovers. In this meaning they have no the equal”. “Among the soul qualities are noted kindness, sincerity, humanity, sincerity and ability to love, affection, devotion. The openness to the spiritual contact is the distinguishing characteristic namely of Russian women. There are those qualities which are not peculiar to aggressively emancipated type of behavior.

pretty russian bride

Dating russian woman bride

Among other features there are: emotional behavior 6%, ability to organize communications 5%, the high level of professionalism 5%, aggressive behavior 4%, high intellectual capacity 4%, popularity among the men 4%, dependence on men 3%, and even the masculinity 2%.
In general, the attitude towards Russian women is very positive, though not uniform. The most positive comments come from the Americans and Japanese, then from the French and Italians.

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  1. willington guevara huertas says:

    buen día quiero saber.
    Yo vivo en Bogotá Colombia.
    y mi señora está en Ucrania.
    Tengo que haser para viajar a Ucrania?
    requisitos que debo cumplir para poder tene una reunión en tiempo real.?
    costo promedio para viajar a esta ciudad.
    Gracias por su respuesta.


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    Best regards,
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  3. Fernando Ramos says:

    I’ve seen some dates to travel to Ukrania But I would like to know the months and cost. I am in contact with a lady and I would like to meet her in person, my language is Spanish and I speak a little English, this would be any problem?

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