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Acquaintance in Internet. Dating rules

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8 rules of dating etiquette

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1 Beware of women and girls, that busy and have a job more than president of the country, when he have no time to meet you even in during the holidays. If women very busy with meetings with friends, washing, cooking, and etc., you can imagine what place in her life, she assigns to you.

2. Beware of women, that can not be with you online during the holidays and other significant dates to you: Birthdays, St. Valentines Day, or when you need same emotional support. If she can not revise her plans for the day, and put you, at least occasionally, on top of the list, you will always take last place in her life.
3. Be attentive to what she says about himself, try not to miss any details. If history, evidence and arguments in his defense every day are change – this is a warning sign for you. In the same red flag is uncertain response to your explicit questions.
4. Be especially attentive to the stories, are intended to bring compassion to you, especially about illness loved ones. Remember, if the story sounds too fantastic to be true, then it is not true.

5. Beware of women who use their children to justify the inability to meet with you in she’s territory. Usually they say they do not want their children to get used to you before he will be convinced of the seriousness and strength of your relationship. This concern may be justified only in the first months of your communication. If it lasted a long time, it is clear that the problem is not with child, and mother.

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6. Beware of elusive women with mobile phones always off, or it does not always call back to you. Especially, If she says that did not receive your call or message.
7. If she does not appear online or does not respond, despite the fact that the promised delete it from your contact list. If you’ll forgive her such a disrespectful attitude toward you at least once, rest assured, she will repeat this many times.
8. Check the information about your partner. Try to maximize the benefit of using the Internet and gather as much information about it before you go to meet her in real life.

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