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World day of kisses

world day of kisses

Natasha dating in world day of kisses

On this day, everyone can “exchange their souls” with full rights: July 6, the World Day of kisses (World Kiss Day or World Kissing Day), which was first invented in the United Kingdom.

The story of the holiday
Home to the world of the World Kissing Day on the right, is the United Kingdom. It is on the shores of foggy Albion in the late XIX century people believed that the kissing deserves to have its own festival, as a manifestation of love. World Kissing Day – a most unusual among all the international festivals, established by the United Nations Organization.

Why do people kiss? Firstly, because it is a culture. Almost everywhere people are getting into a romantic situation, feel an unconscious need to kiss. A such feeling that the opposite sex are programmed to kiss and just waiting for this. If you understand this, you will get more kisses in relationships, and will get much pleasure from it.

The program operates every day. We see actors are kissing on TV, in films and advertising, people are kissing on the street. As a result, in usual situations, a kiss is perceived as a compulsory component of it. Therefore, in a romantic situation takes effect of subconscious stereotype, and people feel almost irresistible desire to kiss independently they want or not it in reality.

July 6, in several cities throughout the world, “World Day Kiss” is celebrated by holidays, contests and competitions. Among the participants often share the Prize (“for the longest kiss,” “for the most beautiful kiss,” ” for the most unusual kiss,” etc.).

world kissing day

Natalia dating in world kiss day

And the attitude of people around the world to this festival is the most positive.

One of the most beautiful legends says – the ancient people who invented the kiss, believed, that breathing has soul. That is why the connection of breath of kissing lovers – a kind of “wedding of souls .”

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