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Advantages of Russian women. Attitudes and stereotypes

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Russian woman Anastasia webdating

Russian woman in a range of views and attitudes

There are a lot of facts we can see the beauty and values of the Russian woman. The independent research of scientists of different countries show a lot of interesting data about Russian women. Generally speaking, it is an unlimited and disputable question.

What qualities of Russian women are single out and appreciate the men in the world most of all?
As the most significant show the hearty qualities of Russian women – 18%, its role in the family – 18%. Among the emotional traits (faithfulness, reliability, care, sensitivity, ability to love) dominates faithfulness (do you remember the personage of Tatiana from Pushkin!).

Family qualities choose such of men who are representing the woman as wife, mother, base of family. The first role, the most significant for men, naturally, is the representation of women in the role of wife (60%), while, as motherhood is given little more than 10%. For example – “Russian women – the most popular brides in the world”, “they combine a lot of qualities that contribute to family life, to be friend, faithful wife and loving mother”.

The appearance slightly lose to the dominant characteristics of the spiritual traits. Men say that Russian women are beautiful 37%, even perfect (25%), charming (25%), and look after themselves (13%).

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Good health. In some cases, Russian woman represent the richness of the gene pool. This combination of rich natural gene pool, because the blood of any person born anywhere in the great commonwealth are rich of nationalities. The men note also the oneness of Russian girls. Apparently, “mysterious Russian soul” – it is, first of all, the woman’s soul, a miracle, exclusivity. “Russian women are most beautiful women in the world”,”nowhere in the world there are no so many beautiful women”, etc.

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The intellectual sphere occupies only 6%. It is easily to explained – the men still can not put the intellectual abilities of women on the same level with his own. Among other characteristics, men note strangely enough the masculinity (6%), popularity among men (6 %), women’s fate 4% and 4% of pragmatism. You see, in this research there is practically no negative traits. It does not mean that men idealize the Russian women. The most likely the objective estimation was made for all qualities in general.

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